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Chiropractic Care

The spine controls every automatic function and response in the body, such as pain, sleep, digestion, blood pressure, heart rate, body temperature, and many more. When the nervous system and the body can communicate freely, you can live life to its fullest.

At APEX, our purpose is to help you achieve your health goals with as few adjustments as possible. We utilize only State-of-the-Art technology to determine where and when care is needed.

Dr. Chris Harris precision adjusting

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy works by stimulating cells to help repair tissues in the body. These energized cells function optimally and help YOU function optimally.

This pain-free relief only takes a few minutes per visit. Not only does laser therapy not require the use of drugs or surgery, but there are no side effects or risks that may occur with other forms of relief. In addition, it can often achieve results faster and better than other relief care modalities. Many conditions can show signs of improvement in even the first or second session.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy assists our clients with issues that may be caused by tight muscles, strains, or inuries. Whatever the cause, we provide a relaxing environment work on the underlying cause of your health concerns. Our therapist is trained to address your specific needs and help you recover optimally.

Quality Care You Can Trust.

At Apex Chiropractic, we offer our patients all the attention and care they deserve in order to get them feeling healthy again.
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10985 Cody St., Suite 100
Overland Park, Kansas 66210
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